So I’ve been working/living in Qatar since July ’17. Heading back to the US next month! I’ll have about a year left in the military before I head back to school and ultimately move back to Korea. Yeah, I’m pretty much set on spending the rest of my life in Asia permanently. Korea for a couple years…Vietnam…maybe retire in Japan. All I know is I’m over living in the US. Oh did I mention in my 4 months spent back in the US my home was robbed, and my Mt. Fuji hiking stick was taken? Yeah, fuck America. It was still in the shipping box, so I guess they assumed it was something valuable and most likely tossed it when they opened it up and realized it’s a stick. Awesome.

I’m still working on what this site is supposed to be. It’s mostly a journal for me to (rarely) ramble in. I’m heading to Thailand in February so hopefully I can take the time to put together a trip report or something. I purchased a new camera (replacing other stolen goods -_-). So I hope I can get some good footage. Should be fun!